Welcome to Xiao LiuQiu Island

Xiao Liuqiu Lohasild Homestay, Homestay Number 969,
is located in the center of the island, offering excellent access to various attractions.
There are multiple room types to choose from, including double, triple, quadruple,
and sextuple rooms. Each floor has common areas, a lawn courtyard, a terrace,
a game room, and a large balcony for gatherings.

Nearby is the  Shanfu Beach, a safe area for both adults and children to play in the water.
Be aware of the turtles and remember to follow the rules, as turtles are respected here.

The renowned beach bars Sea Daze and Heyhey Pool Bar are located next to the homestay,
within walking distance, making it very convenient for relaxation and enjoyment.

You can book various activities on the island through the homestay,
such as boat tickets, scooters, and water activities.
Carefully selected partner stores ensure that you can fully enjoy your vacation without worries.

You can now directly search for the Little Liuqiu Lohasild Homestay official website on Google,
add them on Line as a friend, and start your journey to Xiao Liuqiu immediately.

歡迎來到小琉球 樂活島嶼